10 August 2016

Update and Thank You!

First up - Hello!
I know it's been forever since I posted (8 months) but I've just had such a crazy busy year with school and my personal life, so making posts just hasn't been a priority. 
That being said, I wanted to pop on to say thank you for getting me to 1,000 page views! I'm so grateful for everyone that clicks on this blog even though it is in need of some serious TLC on my behalf. I will be back either before or during November, so sit tight, I will have a TONNE of posts starting then! 
From brows, to makeup reviews to general beauty related chit chat, I promise I will back on a weekly basis, and I haven't forgotten you all!

Hope you are indulging in shameless fripperies (fabulous blog to keep you occupied, by a fellow Aussie, Karima) 

Kate xx

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