8 November 2015

Pamper Evening Essentials:

Every now and then we reach a point where if we don't take an hour or so to ourselves  we will spontaneously combust or have a crying fit. Now I don't know about you, but that isn't really my favourite thing to do, so I take that hour breather and use it to pamper myself, just a little.

For me, pamper nights (or afternoons, or mornings, or it's 2AM and I'M FREAKING OUT) are all about engaging the senses and indulging in some aromatherapy. If you haven't guessed it from my previous blog posts, I find things that smell nice stand out to me and make me feel super calm and collected. So the first thing I'll grab is a candle that makes me happy and something naughty to eat. Here I've got a Glasshouse Triple Scented Candle in Tahaa (it's my absolute favourite Glasshouse candle, bar the Christmas candle in sugar plum fairy) Tahaa has top notes of sugar cane, middle notes of guaiac wood and coconut, base notes of vanilla, frankincense and nutmeg - basically it smells incredible and I never get sick of it. Next to this I've got some Whittaker's chocolate - they use fair trade ingredients and it is so creamy and delicious so you really can't go wrong (unless you're allergic, I'm sorry)

Next is when I start to treat my skin just a bit. I'll first go in with my Cetaphil cleansing cloths; Cetaphil is what I religiously use as my daily face cleanser, so when I first discovered these they were an obvious choice because I know their products are gentle, non irritating and don't have a detectable scent to me. After I've cleansed I'll pop some Biore pore strips on my nose to get rid of pesky blackheads. I'm prone to getting them on my nose. After that, I'll gently apply some of the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery eye. (it smells of herbs and really treats my eye area) A lot of people love to do face masks when they pamper themselves - and you can totally use your favourite mask - but I am yet to find a face mask that my skin doesn't hate because it is soooo sensitive. So pore strips and eye cream for me! Once I've finished with the pore strips, I'll dab my face with some of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, because why not, and that's my face sorted.

Now that I've done my face, and am very much enjoying my candle I'll start to treat my actual body. I tend to go for a bath over a shower when I'm trying to pamper myself because I rarely take baths, but you do you. I will always opt for one of two things - a body scrub or a bath bomb/melt depending on how I'm feeling. Of course, Lush is an essential to any pamper sesh so depending on how stressed I am I'll use any bath bomb or the dreamtime bath melt because it reaaaaaaaally calms me down and leaves me revitalised and relaxed. The scrub I have pictured is from The Body Shop, but it's unfortunately been discontinued by The Body Shop so I'm on my last tub (it's Brazil Nut). When I get out of the bath I like to put on a really comforting body lotion like this Kiehl's Aloe Vera, Oatmeal and Coriander body lotion. Granted, it kind of smells like old ladies, but it's comforting and does the trick. Honestly, any moisturiser or lotion will do. (I also like Palmer's Cocoa Butter)  

The last aspect of any pamper night for me will always be my hair, and I honestly don't even do this that often because I just can't be bothered. Ever. But when I can, I'll massage some form of an oil into the ends. The particular one pictured is Buriti oil, which frankly I've never heard of, but something like Argan, Moroccan or Coconut oil will do, just use what you've got. I don't need to explain why, everyone and their mother has heard about putting oils in your hair. The absolute last step will be spritzing my hair with a hair perfume mist, this one is from Urban Outfitters. It's packed with all different kinds of rose's so it smells like turkish delight. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoy spritzing it in my hair. 

It's so important to remember to take time for yourself, to treat yourself and to be with yourself. Taking time out of your schedule to indulge and relax isn't selfish, it's necessary and a wonderful treat. I hope that wherever you are, you're practicing some self love every now and then and treating yourself, because you are totally and completely worth pampering. 

Until next time,

Kate XO


  1. Great job Kate x

  2. every time i see your posts i feel so refreshed

    doing a great job kate x